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AJJ Glass is a modern manufacturer who specializing in custom pieces of flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass, laminated safety glass, insulated glass, screen printed glass, sand blasted glass as well as switchable glass(smart glass) for residential customers and commercial contractors. The company offers glass for various purposes, such as withstanding hurricane impact and forced entry; for high wind load requirement in residential and commercial markets; for security and high traffic areas; and for residential shower and bath doors, furniture table tops, glass shelves, display cases, curio cabinets, commercial handrails, interior mall glazing, refrigerator and freezers. Its products are used in homes and office buildings in China and abroad.  Read more...


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Case Study

acid-etched toughened glass manufacturers

6mm acid-etched toughened glass for Fulton Lane - Franklin & A'Beckett Tower, Australia


Project: Fulton Lane - Franklin & A'Beckett Towertralia

Address: MelbourneAustralia

Glass: 6mm acid etched toughened glass as per AS/NZS 2208: 1996 safety glazing materials in buildings.

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Vietnam CTC Building


Overseas glass projects Project: CTC office,  Vietnam.
Product: Double glazed units
Specification: 6mm LOW-E tempered glass + 12A + 6mm clear tempered glass
Q'ty: 2500 square meters

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The conference room of Xiamen Qilin Mould Company

switchalbe glass sliding doors Project: Qilin Mould company conference room, Xiamen, China.
Product: Switchable glass sliding doors
Specification: 6mm tempered glass + 1mm switchable film + 6mm tempered glass
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