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Acid Etched Anti-Slip Glass
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Acid Etched Anti-Slip Glass

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What is it?
AJJ anti-slip Acid Etched Glass is an all-glass flooring solution, using no coatings, paints or appliqués susceptible to chipping or flaking off. The slip resistant properties of non-slip glass are entirely derived through acid etching, whereby portions of the glass surface are removed to varying depths by a controlled process. The result is attractive and durable anti-slip surfaces, characterised by striking designs. The unique combination of opacity and translucency provides for full privacy, while still allowing for maximum circulation of light between floors.

Superior slip resistance
Obscures view while maintaining a high level of light transmittance
Unique design
Consistent acid-etched finish
Conducive to high quality edgework
More durable than applied coatings
Superior resistance to surface contamination from dirt, oils, chemicals, liquids, food, etc.
Free of iridescence

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops
Stages, stairs, landscape lobbies
Showcases, KTV and other entertainments, clubs
Road surface where need to be marked, such as airport, railway stations, sports center, super markets, museum, shopping malls, etc.

Production Range:
Regular size: 600*600 mm, 1200*900 mm, 1200*1800 mm
Thickness: 6mm to 12mm
Max. sizes: 2134mm x 3660mm
Etching: Two finishes on one surface (Opaque & Satin)
Colors: Clear or ultra-clear

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