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What types of glass edge work I need?

Most architectural glass will have some form of edgework other than glass edges that are clean-cut. The types of edge work are summarised in the table below.
Glass edge working
Types of glass edge work Descriptions Applications
Clean cut As cut edges, edges are sharp General glazing concealed edgeds
Rought Crriss Sharp edges are removed. Minimum edge work for tempered glass or toughened glass General glazing concealed edgeds
Flat grind or flat smooth Machine smoothed edges Silicon butt joints
Flat polish Machine polished edges Exposed edges and funiture
Mitre Machine edge - 45mm or 67.5mm Angled silicon glazing
Bevel Machine edge
4mm - max 25mm
5mm - max 30mm
6mm to 19mm - max 35mm
Decorative finish for windows, furiture and mirrors - exposed edges also require flat polishing.
In addition, there are specialist decorative finishes available that are primarily used for furniture. Please feel free to contact AJJ Glass Ltd for more details.

What information is required to get a quote?

Since all of our glass is custom made to order, we need you to be able to provide the specifications for your piece(s) as exactly as possible in order to quote. For most orders, the minimum information required is: Quantity, Glass Dimensions (width x height), Type of Material (Tempered or Ceramic), glass thickness and tint (if tempered), and edgework required (if any). We also need to know your shipping zip code in order to calculate shipping costs.

What if my piece is not a square or rectangle and needs to be cut to a pattern?

Don't worry! We can cut to almost any shape. In many cases, we can follow a written description that you have added on our contact form in the comments section. If there are special changes or hard-to-describe dimensions, feel free to submit a preliminary drawing for approval by email to or by fax to +86(592) 713-7951. Of course, for best results we may recommend that you provide a paper template; there is no substitute for an exact pattern.
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Do you do any beveling?

Yes, we do offer a beveled edge. Available edgework options are as listed. We can also offer other decorative edgeworks on your glass, such as a Pencil Polish or OG finish.

What is a seamed edge? How do I know if I need edgework?

A "seamed" edge is one that has been lightly sanded to remove any sharp burrs. Glass with a seamed edge is safe to handle but is not decorative. It is our standard finish and is available at no extra charge. We will never send out glass with sharp edges that you could not handle safely without being cut. The seamed edge is recommended for all applications in which the edges of the glass are not exposed. For example, if your glass will be installed into the frame of a fireplace door and no one will see the edges once the glass has been installed, a seamed edge is all you need. For shelves, table tops, or the like, you may want to consider upgrading to a more finished/decorate edge. Learn more about Edgework.

What if I'm not sure which product is best for me or my application?

Be sure to check out the following pages for general information on the types of glass available: tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, curved annealed glass, ceramic printed glass, sandblasted glass, pattern glass, security glass, switchable privacy glass, frosted glass. If you are still unsure of which type of glass you need, please don't hesitate to contact our office for help. Our customer service representatives are well trained to help you pinpoint the best glass for your application.

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