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Insulated Glass for refrigerator

low-e_insulated_glass Low-e insulated glass doors Glass refrigerator and glass freezer cooling system compliment any room in a fresh, stylish way that cultivates an impression of being in a profitable high-class establishment such as a restaurant while remaining in the comforts of home.

AJJ Glass supply quality double glazing units, triple glazed glass, curved insulated glass doors or low-e insulating glass with reasonable price for refrigerator, freezer, display showcases over 15 years. With the maximu sizes 1600mm x 2000mm and minimum sizes 200mm x 450mm, the single glass thickness range from 3mm to 12mm, the thickness of spacer bar of inuslated glass is 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm,etc.

IGU_for_fridge IGU for fridge

insulated-glass-refrigerator double glazing glass refrigerator

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