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Spandrel Glass
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Spandrel Glass

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What is it?
Spandrel glass is normally an opaque panel located between areas of vision glass. They are used to conceal building components such as columns, floor slabs, HVAC systems, wiring or plumbing.

Designs where large areas of glass are installed, such as curtain walling and structural systems, often include spandrel panels. Depending on the design the spandrel color may be selected to match the vision glazing providing a "look-a-like" system where the spandrel and vision glazing look similar when viewed from outside the building. Alternatively the spandrel may be colored to provide contrast. Spandrel glass must always be toughened or heat strengthened to avoid thermal stress breakage.

Matching spandrel glass to vision glass with a high light transmission or low reflection can be difficult. The degree of color and visual similarity can vary greatly depending on a number of factors including: light transmission, time of day, weather conditions and interior lighting and shading.

In general, glass with high light transmission is most suited to contrasting spandrel panels, whereas glass with a low light transmission and higher light reflection are more easily matched to the spandrel panels. We always recommend that you view a full size outdoor mock-up for assessment of the visual appearance and approval of vision and spandrel glass.

Spandrel glass can be glazed singly or as a part of an Insulating Glass Unit to provide the shadow effect of adjacent vision units. Spandrel glass can be insulated with a variety of materials to meet even the most exacting of standards.

Provides uniform curtain wall appearance
Concealment of internal structure or services
Insulation options to meet most performance requirements
No discoloration by internal condensation or deposit of volatiles
Toughened to BS EN 12150: BS EN 12600 Impact Classification 1(C)3 (minimum)
Resists corrosion and chemical attack
Easy to install with minimal maintenance

Curtain wall and structural systems

Production Range:
Maximum sizes: 2400x4400 by machine; 2800x6200mm by hand.
Minimum sizes: 300x300mm
Thickness: 4-19mm

In accordance with BS EN12150 Standard for European marketing
In accordance with BS en 12600 Impact Classifications
In accordance with ASTM1408 American Standard
In accordance with AS/NZS 2208 Standard for Australia and New Zealand country
In accordance with GB 15763.2 China Standard
Pass Chinese Safety Glass Compulsory Certifications (CCC)

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