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Technologically advanced production facilities

AJJ Glass has invested heavily in introducing the world state-of-art glass processing equipments and setting up modern manufacturing workshops.

On-line Washing Machine

On-line_Washing_Machine_manufacturered_by_Bavelloni_Italy On-line Glass Washing Machine

State-of-art jumble sizes automatic coating edge-depletion and automatic cutting production line made by BYSTRONIC, Switzerland.

automatic_cutting_production_line_made_by_Bystronic_Switzerland CNC cutting glass production line

Main specifications and performances:
Thickness of flat glass: 2-19mm
The Maximum cutting sizes: 6300mm x 4200mm

State-of-art digital control unit with combined functions of bilateral grinding, milling, and drilling, manufactured by BAVELLONI, Italy.

bilateral_grinding_milling_and_drilling_manufactured_by_Bavelloni_Italy Glass bilateral grinding machine

Every edging production line can grind four sides of rectangular glass independently and finish at the same time. It can also polish if specified in the production order, after which process it wash and dry directly and automatically. The parts of digital control drilling and milling equipment can be automatically replaced like tools, which process the different shapes like round hole, rectangular, angle and slot, etc.

Main parameters and performances:
Thickness: 2-19mm
Maximum sizes: 2600mm x 4000mm

State-of-art automatic insulating glass production line from BYSTRONIC, Switzerland.

State-of-art_automatic_insulating_glass_production_line_from_Bystronic_Switzerland Insulating glass production line

Equipped with automatic spacer bending machine and desiccant filling machine, robotic sealant gunning, etc. capable of automatic loading, edge deletion, spacer bending, desiccant filling, automatic PIB application, glass matching, chamber gas filling, and robotic sealant gunning, etc. Such IG production line is a guarantee of high quality of insulating glass at high spead.
Main parameters and performances:
Thickness of single glass: 2-19mm
Thickness of space bar of insulating glass: 6, 9, 12, 15mm, etc.
Maximum sizes: 2700mm x 7000mm

State-of-art laminated glass production line

state-of-art_laminated_glass_production_line Laminated glass production line

The equipment is designed according to Germany standards and automotive laminated windshield glass of Class 100,000 clean room system.
Main parameters and performances:
Thickness: 4-40mm
Maximum sizes: 2500mm x 6000mm

State-of-art tempered glass furnace manufactured by TAMGLASS, Finland.

State-of-art_tempered_glass_furnace_manufactured_by_Tamglass_Finland TAMGLASS tempered glass furnace
State-of-art_tempered_glass_furnace_manufactured_by_Tamglass_Finland Tamglass Tempering Glass Machine

Online heating, auto-temperature scanning, ultra-flat surface, double-room, and forced convection furnace production line.Main parameters and performances:
Thickness of flat tempered glass: 3-19mm
Maximum sizes: 2440mm x 6000mm

Other Corollary Equipments

Automatic_Computer_water_jet_cutter_Machine Waterjet cutting maching
Automatic_Computer_screen_printing_equipment Automatic Computer SilkScreen Printed Glass Equipment

The company has other glass deep processing corollary equipment that can produce glass products from a glass prototype line and satisfy the customers different demands, such as automatic engraving machine, water jet cutter, screen printed equipment, etc.

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