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AJJ Glass has created an UNMATCHED custom glass line to satisfy virtually any architectural glazing REQUIREMENT.

AJJ Glass is your one-stop shop, providing everything you need to create aesthetically and technically perfect solutions: research, consultancy and technical advice, production, and logistics. We provide support via our dedicated teams and expert services throughout every stage of your project, from initial planning to completed construction.

Architectural & Decorative Glass Applications

We provide elegant solutions you can count on
Our experience is shown in our knowledge, quality, and the many types of buildings where you find our products.
commercial glass for office buildings

Office buildings

Choose from a wide range of our commercial glass products for your building property.
architectural glass for healthcare and education facilities


AJJ offers Cost-Effective Glass Solutions for All Types of Healthcare and education Facilities. Expertly fabricated glass walls, partitions, and dividers maintain privacy and discretion while fostering decorative aesthetics.
residential glass


AJJ’s vast range of decorative glass products can also beautify your interiors. It can be used in wall cladding. Also, in furniture, doors, partitions, and more.
shopfront glass

Retail and shops

AJJ fabricates and supplies safe and durable glass fixtures and components to both manufacturers and retailers.
20+ 20+ Years of Operation
60+ 60+ Countries Supplied to
1500+ 1500+ Projects Accomplished

Glass Function

Touch Modern Concepts and Designs With Artsy Architecture.
laminated safety glass
Glass Products That Offer Peace of Mind

Safety glass

AJJ Glass provides both tempered/toughened and laminated safety glass products with great quality in many thicknesses and size capabilities.
security glass
Our range is to protect all things valuable and deter criminal activity.

Security Glass

The Security range helps to keep unwanted intruders out. Ask about our products to provide valuable protection to your building.
architectural glass vanceva colored laminated glass
Design flourishes and styling options that give spaces unforgettable personality.

Decorative Glass

Whether for exterior or Interior glass application, glass‘s decorative function can be maximized with AJJ creative decorative glass solutions.
sentry glass laminated
Making Unimaginable Transparent Structures Real

Structural Glass

The spaces are see-through and offer total visibility. The glass appears to be free of any support, yet it supports entire walls, ceilings, floors, and staircases.
gradient glass
Vision and Privacy within the Same Product

Privacy Glass

A range of options are available from ordinary patterned glass, translucent, acid etched and one-way laminated mirror.
acoustic glass
Keep the outside out of living and work spaces with our soundproofing options.

Noise Control Glass

If you’re struggling with intrusive noise issues in your home or business premises, talk to the team at AJJ Glass about acoustic glass. We can help.

Our Projects

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Core Values

Why AJJ Glass
Fast Processing and Short Lead Time

01 – The Largest Stockiest

We have the largest stockiest, industry know-how, and product breadth to support all your glass needs in fast processing and short lead time.

02 – One-Stop Glass Processing

We offer a full range of commercial, residential, interior, exterior (facade), and decorative glass products and solutions for nearly any end market or application.
State-of-the-art Facility

03 – Top End Supplier

Quality Raw Material
Source Machinery: Europe, US
Tested & Certified

04 – International Standards

ANSI Z97.1, ASTM C1036, ASTM – C1048, CAN/CGSB 12.1, CPSC 16 CFR- 1201, AS/NZS 2208, BS 6206, BS EN 12600, BS EN 12150, BS EN14179-1...
Specialist for Jumbo Glass

05 – Super JUMBO size

As a professional supplier of oversized glass with lengths of up to 18 meters,
Maximum Size: 3660 x 18000mm
Comprehensive Product Offerings

06 – Wide Product Selection

Variety of types, combinations, patterns & design functions to meet clients’ demand