LuxMatte™ acid-etched glass is designed to offer a level of privacy, diffuse incoming light, and provide a design feature in the home or building interior.

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Acid-etched translucent glass

Sometimes a space needs to be connected with the outside world and independent from it – letting in the light while keeping what’s inside private. Our LuxMatte™ range does just that.

With its high-quality satin finish, LuxMatte strikes a delicate balance between letting light in and preserving your privacy. AJJ’s industrial acid-etching treatment of large sheets is subject to rigorous quality controls, ensuring uniformity and stability. LuxMatte’s uniform grain, a wide range of colors (three clear and three colored versions), and special options are highly prized by architects and designers.

The three special options at a glance:

  • LuxMatte Light: clear, slightly acid-etched translucent float glass with a soft touch feel.
  • LuxMatte Double Sided: clear float glass acid-etched on both sides, ideal for doors.
  • LuxMatte Anti-slip: featuring an etched pattern specially designed for floors and stairs.

LuxMatte can be processed like regular float glass and its smooth satin appearance makes it the ideal material for adding visual impact to interior and exterior spaces.

frosted etched glass

What are the benefits of LuxMatte acid-etched glass

Frosted type finish designed for light diffusion providing a level of privacy screening
LuxMatte™ acid-etched glass for internal and external spaces – adding light and privacy

Easy maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain as it is resistant to stains.

Excellent light transmission

Delivers excellent light transmission (up to 90% depending on the thickness of the glass).


Various types of etching (light, single or double-sided) and colour are available, making it possible to achieve the appropriate level of privacy.

Safety & Security

LuxMatte™ frosted glass is suitable for safety glass applications when toughened, also reducing the risk of thermal breakage.

Applications and uses of LuxMatte™ frosted glass

Available product style
slidng glass doors

Door and entrance glass

Make an amazing entrance

Glass doors are widely used in home, office, shop, hotel. Enjoy the indoors and outdoors with a sliding, folding, or gliding patio door from AJJ Glass.

glass partitions

Partitions / Functional walls / Decoration walls

Create intimacy without compromising on light and space

Glass is ideal for partitions as it allows the perfect combination of privacy, style, safety, and resilience. 

SGP laminated glass floorings

Stairs / Floors / Walk-on glazing

Glass flooring adds a stylish touch to your home

Glass can safely be used as flooring throughout your home, reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing natural light.

tempered glass table tops

Glass table tops

Glass table tops are a popular choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Windows Glazing


Windows lets occupants enjoy natural daylight, solar protection, and, or thermal insulation, and they also provide enhanced safety and protection from surrounding noise. Contemporary glass technology offers a wealth of possibilities.

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