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Interior glass solutions are built on quality materials for seamless integration within any retail application. AJJ fabricates and supplies safe and durable glass fixtures and components to both manufacturers and retailers.

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Successfully Delivering Retail Project Components for On-Time, Value-Driven Solutions

Draw customers in with invisible glass

Retail business owners must attract foot traffic. Not only can glass play a vital role in showcasing goods for sale, but it can create an exciting destination for the shopping experience while offering a safe and secure environment.

The shopfront is essential for showcasing what’s inside and, more importantly, who is inside. ProSight® anti-reflective glass makes this shopping experience even more real as the glass separating the outside from the inside is rendered nearly invisible thanks to its special anti-reflective coating.

Interior design elements made of glass, such as wall cladding, displays, furniture, and mirrors, can add to a store’s aesthetic appeal, creating a captivating destination.

Special security and anti-burglary glazing solutions also provide a safe environment for shoppers and owners.

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