Roofs and canopies

Roof glazing can safely be used throughout a building roof, reducing the need for artificial lighting, and providing a natural source of daylight while still addressing solar and thermal insulation needs.

Explore roofs, skylights, and canopies

Superior beauty & performance

Glass roofs/skylights and canopies have become classic design features in modern architecture. They are both functional and artistic. Control the amount of natural light you wish to let in by opting for fully transparent or partially translucent glass – and enjoy a sparkling view of the outside world.

Sweeping a building’s façade, glass canopies create impressive entrances. AJJ's in-house print division provides custom decorative interlayers to match your canopy with your building’s unique interior design. 

structural glass canopies

Our glass solutions for roofs and canopy

Introducing natural light into the core of a building
Low iron tempered laminated glass

Laminated safety glass

Laminated glass is a Grade ‘A’ Safety product made by laminating two or more panels of glass with a flexible plastic interlayer or PVB (polyvinyl butyral).

From metallics and pearls to custom art, the design possibilities are endless.

AJJ digital printing glass

HD Digital Printing Glass

Ceramic ink digital printing on glass for a wide range of design possibilities.

Silkscreened Ceramic Frit Glass

Silkscreened Ceramic Frit Glass

Silk-screening ceramic frit onto glass is an excellent way for architects and designers to create exciting new looks on their projects using patterns and colors.

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