About us

Learn more about who we are - A leading glass fabricator of jumbo-size glass, tempered glass, digital printing glass, curved glass, bird-friendly glass, and multilayer laminated glass in China. AJJ offers safety, quality, and superb service for commercial and residential projects.

Company Profile

Making Advanced Design Possible

AJJ Glass is one of the innovative glass companies fully dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and distributing architectural, decorative, oversized, and structural glass in China. The extensive experience that commenced in 2005 and customer trust over the years, has put us at the forefront, placing the group amongst the elite in the sector.

We Offer Design Projects Specially Created

Our history

Since 2005 we keep innovating and advancing


AJJ Glass is currently expanding and doubling the surface area of its production bases. A new automatic cutting, tempering, laminating, digital-printing glass, and insulating glass production line was installed at our new factory to meet growth, deadline, and production capacity needs.


Xiamen AJJ Glass Ltd merged with AJJ Glass Products, AJJ (Xiamen) Import. & Exp., and AJJ Curved Glass companies. The head office was moved to the Xiamen Area, China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone.


An R&D department was created, experts and researchers developed Side One ceramic fritted bird-friendly glass, and vacuum insulating glass (VIG) for the industry.


AJJ (Xiamen) Imp. & Exp. company was established to deal with import and export business on custom glass products. AJJ Glass increases annual turnover and consolidates international expansion.

Technological change

Keeping up with technology is more crucial than ever. Over 13 years of development, AJJ Glass has been a leading decorative glass, and safety glass supplier in China.


AJJ Curved Glass Company acquired Xinxiang Curved and Bent Tempered Glass Company, which specializes in commercial refrigerators and freezers. This new line enabled the development of new solutions for high-end glass facades and refrigerator glass doors.


AJJ Glass signed a collaboration contract with the largest float glass company in China. Manufacturing and development of XXL glass began. AJJ Glass has been one of the famous big glass fabricators and suppliers to date.

Relocation & Investment

Moved location to accommodate demand, multiplying our space and implementing state-of-the-art machinery for that age.


AJJ Glass Products Company established. Glass was cut to order in a small town in Xiamen, China.
3 3 State-of-the-artProduction Facilities
50 50 thousand square metersProduction Sites
400+ 400+ Group Employees

Mission Statement

An industry leader worldwide with high-quality architectural and decorative glass


Our mission is to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction by doing each and every task correctly the first time, every time. As our company has grown over the past two decades, we have worked continuously to maintain our entrepreneurial spirit, agility, passion, and dedication to our customers. Every member of our team is proud to uphold our stellar reputation every day by focusing on our core values of quality, service, and pride in all that we do.

With a partnership approach to serving our customer’s needs and delivering quality glass products in a timely manner, we are actively involved and personally invested in every project. Our decades of experience in the fabricated, commercial, and architectural glass industry have given us a clear understanding of our customers' challenges. Our approach to business enables us to be the premier supplier of decorative glass, oversized glass, and curved glass products in China.

To be a highly dynamic and adaptive company capable of implementing the latest technologies and solutions to meet our customers' demands and provide high quality.

Strategic locations and process specialization

Our factory operates in modernized quality-oriented fabrication facilities. Each one specializes in key markets and special processes. This enables AJJ Glass to have great production capacity and simultaneously master the quality required for each manufacturing process and market segment.

Our plants focus on specialty and complex products such as Curved, Oversized, and Decorative glass.

AJJ Glass can facilitate projects that require the shortest lead times and competitive pricing with great quality to the scopes that require complex and long fabrication processes, higher engineering reviews, and the most stringent quality standards.

Through this strategy, we are able to serve a wide range of markets with many different product offerings and competitive advantages, classifying AJJ as a one-stop glass solution.


Always striving to exceed customer’s expectations.

AJJ Glass strongly believes in helping people. Therefore, our thinking is centered on support, involvement, and service. We recognize that to achieve great things, we must continuously progress, and therefore, we foster learning opportunities and explore areas for enhancement in an effort to strive for excellence. We actively promote a culture where our people work as one because part of our core values is teamwork.

Even as our organization has grown and expanded, we understand the key to our future success is holding true to our original vision. Building on this philosophy, we have brought the best individuals, products, technologies, and processes aboard. We do all of this in striving to exceed our customer’s expectations, which is the most excellent satisfaction that drives our reason to exist as a company.

We continually upgrade our technologies to deliver the finest and cutting-edge architectural glass products to our customers.

  • Advanced technology facilities with state-of-the-art machinery.
  • Capabilities for oversized flat and bent-glass products.
  • High-volume capacity.
  • Continuously researching new methods to improve customer service and products.
  • Largest selection of oversized flat and bent glass in China.

  • We have established a continuous improvement culture to offer better quality services to our customers.
  • Through the years, AJJ Glass has proven to be the supplier of choice in domestic and international markets when it comes to quality and technically complex architectural glass products.
  • The quality of our products has earned AJJ Glass the ability to supply glass to many modern architectural icons, as well as the trust of world-renowned architects, designers, developers, and glazing contractors.
  • Clients in Japan, Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy recognize us as their best option for quality and advanced technical solutions.

Our people make the fundamental difference so that a customer’s experience is technically sound and with a subjective touch. Some of the services AJJ Glass offers are:

  • Customized technical assistance, including calculations, basic engineering, and high-quality CAD production drawings.
  • Special engineering services for complex applications at competitive costs.
  • Efficient quote turn-around time.
  • Efficient logistics and large job control capabilities.
  • Express ground and other transportation assistance can be provided as needed for expedited delivery.