Insulating Glass Units

Insulated glass, also named insulated double-glazing, double-glazed panels, or double-glazed units, it’s a hermetically sealed multi-glass combination consisting of two or more panes separated by a spacer filled with highly efficient desiccant. To ensure the sealing effect, the first sealing is finished by polysulfide adhesive and the second by structural sealant. The most important function of insulated glass is reducing thermal loss, achieving lower energy consumption, and good transparency.

What is Insulating Glass Units

Performance Double Glazing and Triple Glazing in China

Insulating glass consists of assembling two or more individual lites separated by a dehydrated and hermetically sealed air space. These sealed units contribute to improved building energy performance.

By changing the number, type, and thickness of the components used, we can create a wide range of glazings that meet specific requirements such as:

  • Countering solar heat gain
  • Preventing heat loss in winter
  • Resisting wind and snow loads
  • Improving natural light quality, while enhancing the appearance of a building.
insulating glass units

Why Choose AJJ Insulating Glazing

The Power of Quality

Unparalleled Durability

AJJ commercial insulating glass units are made to withstand the test of time and the elements. Each unit comes with a 10-year warranty backed by the AJJ brand which has been in business for over 20 years.

Oversize Capabilities

Our facilities and processes are carefully designed to handle the production of oversized laminated glass without compromising quality or durability.

Endless Customizations

AJJ carries an expansive portfolio of laminated glass components including a myriad of glass types and thicknesses from the world’s premier glass manufacturers (AGC, Guardian Glass, and Saint Gobain) along with countless PVB, EVA and Ionoplast (SentryGlas) interlayer options.

Tested & Certified

Our experienced production team and quality inspection process ensure your units arrive correct and clean every time. Our world-class commercial IGU facilities have each earned IGCC certification, a standard that verifies that our units are guaranteed to come with lasting durability and a high level of quality.

Design Assistance

Our trusted and experienced design team can help you identify the “right” IGU to meet all of your project design needs. They will work alongside you to achieve the desired function and aesthetics.

Fast Glass

We understand that your business moves fast, and meeting deadlines is essential. We have multiple shifts working around the clock to meet your schedule and your project needs.

Key Features of IGU

Key Product Features

Energy Savings

Selecting the appropriate energy-efficient glass product(s) and assembly components for use in building openings can help dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs.

Warm Edge Spacers

Enhanced edge-sealed, non-metal, and hybrid metal spacer technologies enable the lowest thermal conductivity to prevent heat loss, maximize energy savings, and optimize building occupant comfort.

Protection Against Condensation & Mold

Our insulating glass units offer superior argon gas retention and are designed to significantly reduce condensation and frost to prevent mold and bacterial formation.

Extreme Climate Solutions

AJJ has the ability to produce triple-glazed insulating glass units, which are ideal in cold climates where heat retention is critical, and energy code requirements are often much more stringent.

Sound Attenuation

AJJ's laminated glass products can be introduced into your unit assembly for the best sound-blocking properties.

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