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Glass balustrades, railings, balconies, and barriers are ideal for interior and exterior projects, glass railings provide both privacy and safety in offices, hospitals, and other such settings.

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Views can often be literally worth a million dollars

Total design, total safety

A glass balustrade is an elegant and stylish option for any balcony, staircase, or landing, and an excellent way to maximise light and the feeling of space.

Most architects and homeowners today opt for glass balustrades – especially frameless ones. While their primary purpose is usually to serve as a safety barrier, glass balustrades are increasingly used to add sophistication and a contemporary style, both indoors and outdoors.

Using glass balustrades lets more natural light into homes and buildings, while transparent borders create the illusion of more space and an optimized view. In addition, glass is easy to clean and maintain.

glass balustrades, railings
Our brand of colored laminated glass: PurColor™

Custom colors and safety

Our brand of translucent laminated glass: PurColor™ Translucent

Privacy and total safety

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