AJJ® ProSight™ Anti-reflective glass creates the impression that there’s no glass separating you and what you’re viewing. Anti-reflective glass removes distractions and allow viewers to see what’s behind the glass, not the glass itself.

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ProSight™ is ideal for applications that require superb transparency and minimal reflection. The special anti-reflective coating minimizes glare and slashes light reflection to less than 1%, far lower than the typical 8% of conventional float glass. When looking in from the outside, ProSight™ enhances visibility. Since the glass is so transparent and does not reflect its surroundings, any objects displayed behind it are crystal clear. Moreover, applying ProSight™ to the inner panel of windows drastically reduces reflections so that anyone inside looking out enjoys a clear and unobstructed view.

ProSight™ is well known for display showcases in museums however it is also becoming increasingly popular in other segments, such as retail, showrooms, sports facilities, observation decks, control towers, high-end homes, outdoor advertising, and zoos. The glass can be tempered and laminated for improved security and safety performance.

ProSight Anti-reflective Glass

What are the benefits of ProSight anti-reflective glass

You can’t miss what’s behind
ProSight™ Anti-reflective glass provides maximum visibility while minimizing light reflection and glare. The result is crystal-clear views.

Almost invisible

Astonishing sub-1% light reflection for optimal vision and clarity.

Easy maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain as it is resistant to stains.

Multiple applications

Can be used in numerous applications to enhance visibility from inside and outside.

Wide range

High-quality anti-reflective coating can be used on glass from 3 to 19 mm thick and up to 5m long.

Applications and uses of ProSight™ anti-reflective glass

Available product style
Shopfront Glazing


Increase foot traffic and clear views.

Glass with ProSight anti-reflective properties provides an innovative solution for creating unique shopfronts. Combined with laminated safety and security glazing options, your shopfront will be secure.

Windows Glazing


Windows lets occupants enjoy natural daylight, solar protection, and, or thermal insulation, and they also provide enhanced safety and protection from surrounding noise. Contemporary glass technology offers a wealth of possibilities.

Curtain wall glass

Facades and curtain walls

See beautiful views without glare.

A curtain wall is a non-structural outer covering of a building. Since it is non-structural, it can be made of lightweight materials, helping thereby to reduce construction costs.

The curtain wall method of glazing enables glass to be used safely in large, uninterrupted areas of a building, creating consistent, attractive facades. The variety of glass products available today allows architects and designers to control every aspect of aesthetics and performance, including thermal and solar control, sound and security, as well as color, light, and glare. 

Museum displays glass

Museum displays

Historic connection with invisible protection.
Enhance cultural experiences in spaces that excite, educate, and enlighten. Our team can recommend the most effective, high-quality anti-reflective glass – virtually invisible to the human eye – creating the impression that there is nothing separating a visitor and the inspiring collections they’re viewing.

anti-reflective glass for stadium

Skyboxes / Stadiums

See the game, not the glass.

Loyal sports fans love packing their team’s stadium seats. Developers are capitalizing on that devotion by turning stadiums into year-round, mixed-use facilities. Decorative glass can create a cohesive, branded experience, while anti-reflective skybox windows provide spectators ample views of the game – and fuel their love of the sport.

instrument glass

Instrument Glass

Suppress unsafe glare.

Anti-Reflective Instrument Glass: Sharp, Clear View. An unhindered view is a literal must in a world of electronic displays, monitors, digital signage, operating panels, gauges, instruments, and more. 

TV Media anti-reflective glass

TV / Medeia Studios

Reduce reflection in highly lit environments

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