PurColor™ colored laminated glass is the ideal solution for decorative applications that require color consistency and durability.

Explore PurColor decorative laminated glass

Imagine being able to customize a project or to project a brand identity

With the PurColor™ decorative laminated glass, clients can create custom colors specifically tailored to the requirements of each project. Creating assemblies with anywhere from one to four colored PVB interlayers offers thousands of possibilities! Using our specially developed online tool, AJJ experts guide clients through the entire process, from the design phase to creating a sample, from producing a quote to placing the order.

You now have it in your power to create infinite variations for your exterior architecture and interior designs.

Colored laminated glass

What are the benefits of PurColor colored laminated glass

A colored interlayer system enables laminated glass to be produced in a wide range of colors
PurColor™ colored laminated glass provides a full spectrum of vibrant colors, available in a range of translucency levels.

Safe solution

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, PurColor™ features laminated glass delivering multiple levels of safety and security functionality.

Unlimited colours

Custom colors specifically tailored to the requirements of each project by using our PurColor™ products.

Unlimited design options

Solutions for exterior architecture (facades, balustrades, roofs, etc.) and interior decoration (partitions, floors, etc).


PurColor™ deocorative laminated glass is covered by a 5-year warranty.

Applications and uses of PurColor™ colored laminated glass

Available product style
glass balustrades, railings, barriers

Balconies / Railings / Balustrades

Views can often be literally worth a million dollars

Glass railings, balustrades, and barriers are the perfect way to add a modern and sleek look to any home or commercial property. Glass railings provide the perfect balance between style and safety, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

slidng glass doors

Door and entrance glass

Make an amazing entrance

Glass doors are widely used in home, office, shop, hotel. Enjoy the indoors and outdoors with a sliding, folding, or gliding patio door from AJJ Glass.

glass partitions

Partitions / Functional walls / Decoration walls

Create intimacy without compromising on light and space

Glass is ideal for partitions as it allows the perfect combination of privacy, style, safety, and resilience. 

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