Successful retail brands understand that the focus isn’t just on products anymore – it’s about developing a connection with consumers. Glass Shopfronts can help build experiential relationships between brands and buyers.

Description of Shopfronts

Making glass invisible

As the retail sector seeks new ways to attract shoppers, anti-reflective glass provides an innovative solution for creating unique shopfronts. With a special anti-reflective coating, the glass shopfront becomes almost invisible, leaving pride of place to the objects on display behind it.

Combined with laminated safety and security glazing options, your shopfront will be secure in all circumstances.

anti-reflective glass for Shopfront glazing

Our glass solutions for shopfronts/storefronts

Featured Storefront Glass products
Anti-reflective & Non-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass

ProSight™ anti-reflective glass creates the impression that there’s no glass separating you and what you’re viewing.

Oversized glass

Jumbo Glass


Oversized Monolithic, Laminated, and Insulating Glass Units.

Low iron tempered laminated glass

Laminated safety glass

Laminated glass is a Grade ‘A’ Safety product made by laminating two or more panels of glass with a flexible plastic interlayer or PVB (polyvinyl butyral).

From metallics and pearls to custom art, the design possibilities are endless.

Our brand of anti-refletive glass: ProSight™

Invisibility gets you noticed

Explore other types of glass applications

Available product style
slidng glass doors

Door and entrance glass

Make an amazing entrance

Glass doors are widely used in home, office, shop, hotel. Enjoy the indoors and outdoors with a sliding, folding, or gliding patio door from AJJ Glass.

Windows Glazing


Windows lets occupants enjoy natural daylight, solar protection, and, or thermal insulation, and they also provide enhanced safety and protection from surrounding noise. Contemporary glass technology offers a wealth of possibilities.

glass balustrades, railings, barriers

Balconies / Railings / Balustrades

Views can often be literally worth a million dollars

Glass railings, balustrades, and barriers are the perfect way to add a modern and sleek look to any home or commercial property. Glass railings provide the perfect balance between style and safety, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications.

glass wall cladding

Wall cladding

We offer a range of different cladding solutions, from interior wall cladding for bathrooms, entrance foyers, and wet areas right through to exterior cladding for both commercial properties and private residences.

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