Jumbo Glass

Jumbo glass, also known as oversized glass. AJJ offers high-quality oversized tempered, oversized laminated glass, oversized insulating glass units, and oversized curved glass for commercial and residential applications. Maximum size is up to 3660mm x 180000mm.

What is Jumbo Glass

oversized glazing

With sizes up to 3660mm x 18000mm now available and a variety of products and substrates, AJJ Glass is the largest supplier of architectural glass in China! Our Jumbo Glass facility is equipped with brand-new, state-of-the-art equipment, staffed by experienced professionals, and is ready to serve you! We can produce a wide range of oversized architectural glass products, including jumbo tempered glass, jumbo laminated glass, and even jumbo curved glass for delivery anywhere in the world!

Available Oversized Glass Products and Sizes

Maximum size of flat glass
  • Tempered, Heat-Strengthened, Laminated, Multi-laminated SGP, Ceramic frit, Insulating glass(IGU) to 3660x18000mm.
  • Fire rate glass to 1600x9000mm.
  • Digital printing glass to 2800x12000mm
Maximum size of true curved glass
  • Cylindrical curved tempered glass to 3660x18000mm.
Maximum size of composite radius curved glass
  • Multi-curvature tempered glass to 3300x12000mm.
Oversized Glass

Why Choose Jumbo Glass

Elevate your construction project to new heights
Unleash the potential of oversized glazing, break through boundaries, and choose AJJ Glass Products for larger glass that transforms ordinary projects into masterpieces.

Unleash creativity

Breakthrough architectural restrictions and bring your visions to life regardless of size or scale. Our larger glass allows architects and designers to transcend conventional limitations, from vast commercial structures to awe-inspiring residential designs.

Redefine versatility

Pairing curved glass, toughened or special application glass with oversized glazing can open up a world of opportunities. Whether you require enhanced strength, unique shape, and design, or specialized functionality such as acoustic or safety, our range of specialty glass products compliments each other, ensuring precision and excellence.

Enhance and enlighten

Larger glass isn’t just a building material; it is a transformative element that creates vibrant and dynamic spaces, welcoming natural light and energy-efficient benefits. Feel the benefits from larger glazing and reap the rewards.

Upgrade and impress

Incorporating larger glass into your building design can elevate aesthetics, compliment key features, and leave a lasting impression on clients, potential buyers, and onlookers.

Jumbo Glass Technical Specifications

Applications, Production Capacity & Considerations


  • Insulated glass units and spandrel glass
  • Roofs and Skylights, storefronts
  • curved facades


  • 4mm to 19mm  - Toughened 
  • 4mm to 12mm Heat Strengthened
  • 9.52mm to 150mm - Toughened/Laminate 

  • Minimum Size: 300 x 300mm
  • Maximum Size: 3660 x 18000mm

America Standards:

  • ANSI Z97.1 – Safety glazing materials used in buildings. This standard provides guidelines for safety glazing materials in residential and commercial applications, including tempered glass. It specifies the performance criteria for impact resistance and requires glass to meet certain fragmentation requirements.
  • ASTM C1036 – Flat Glass.
  • ASTM – C1048 – Heat-treated flat glass. This standard sets the minimum requirements for tempered flat glass. It covers glass thickness, surface compression, and fragmentation characteristics.
  • CAN/CGSB 12.1 – Safety or laminated glass,
  • CPSC 16 CFR- 1201 – The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standard in the United States sets the requirements for architectural glazing materials, including tempered glass. It tests the glass for impact resistance and establishes different categories based on the glass thickness and the drop height required to break it.

Australian Standards:

Architectural – 4mm to 12mm Grade ‘A’ safety glass manufactured to AS/NZS 2208-1996 Safety glazing materials in buildings and 15mm to 19mm Toughened glass.

The Australian/New Zealand standard for safety glazing materials assesses the impact resistance of tempered glass. It classifies glass based on the drop height required to break it and provides guidelines for its use in different applications.

British & European Standards

  • BS 6206 - Code of practice for glazing for buildings'. Part 4: 1994 'Safety related to human impact
  • BS EN 12600:2002 - Glass in building. Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass.
  • EN 12150:2015 - This European Standard specifies tolerances, flatness, edgework, fragmentation, and physical and mechanical characteristics of monolithic flat thermally toughened glass.

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