Oversized Curved Glass

Offering oversized curved glass, tempered curved glass, annealed curved glass, laminated curved glass, or insulating curved glass. Cylindrical curved, J-curved, S-curved, Conical Curved, Spherical curved, composite radius bending, tight radius curved, or a complex curve with flat tangents are available from AJJ.

What is AJJ Curved Glass

Glass Design that’s Safe and Beautiful

Curved Glass is an essential element of modern, free-form architecture. To meet the current market requirements AJJ Curved Glass is produced using three production processes. The glass bending expertise of AJJ Glass belongs to the top class in the world. The innovative, modern, and versatile production machinery with talented staff guarantees the first-class quality of curved glass. Therefore, the company is internationally known as a supplier of extremely high-quality and challenging curved glass solutions. The aim is a distortion-free appearance. This allows us to produce curved glass with the highest quality and safety characteristics for every project.


The result of our company’s development work has come with several significant innovations like the bending methods applied to demanding spherical, conical, and parabolic glasses. 

Jumbo and Bespoke Glass Measurements

Thanks to our state-of-the-art glass bending machine, AJJ can redefine possibilities by offering a curved glass of impressive dimensions, reaching up to 3600mm in arc length and 18000mm in height depending on the glass makeup, coatings, and bending geometry.

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Why Choose AJJ Curved Glass

A Leading Supplier of flat and curved glass

Unmatched precision

Our advanced glass-bending technology ensures competitive precision when shaping glass, allowing us to create stunning and accurate curves where others may struggle. Our meticulous control over the bending process guarantees consistent results that meet the highest industry standards.

Versatile applications

Our curved glass opens up the possibility of various design opportunities for a range of industries. From architecture and construction to retail and interior design, our bespoke curved glass seamlessly integrates into projects, adding a touch of sophistication and uniqueness.

Aesthetic elegance

As trends change over the years, the aesthetic appeal of curved glass remains. Bending glass allows you to transform spaces, creating fluid lines and dynamic visual effects. Whether used in modern building design, captivating showrooms, or commercial installations, our curved glass elevates the overall aesthetic of any environment.

Functional excellence

Beyond its visual allure, our curved glass maintains the inherent strength and safety characteristics of premium glass. This makes it suitable for a range of applications, including balustrades, canopies, and innovative structural elements, ensuring both form and function are seamlessly blended.

Customisation at its finest

We understand that every project is unique. Our glass bending machine empowers architects, designers, and builders to bring visions to life. We can tailor curved glass in various dimensions and even the glass type to suit specific project requirements, offering a truly customized solution.

Cutting-edge technology

Our glass bending machine, among an extensive range of technology, allows us to curve glass on such a large scale, demonstrating our commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and providing our clients with the latest and most impressive offerings in the market.

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