Annealed Curved Glass

Annealed curved glass can be obtained by heat-softening flat glass until it is semi-molten, then forming it with molds. All types of available glass can be curved in any thickness and any design including J-curved, S-curved, Sphere Curved, and free form Curved glass.

What is AJJ Annealed Curved Glass

Annealed, gravity bent glass.

Standard ‘float glass’ is the most commonly used for windows, with a heating process used to anneal glass for enhanced durability

Glass bending is achieved by applying heat to flat glass. This softens the sheet and allows us to shape it in a mold produced from a template or created from an AJJ Glass custom CAD drawing.

The curved glass we supply is manufactured in-house from raw material flat glass – either float, patterned, low iron glass, wired, tinted, or even self-cleaning glass. Annealed curved glass can also be laminated together to produce laminated safety glass bends.

Annealed bends can be used in single—or double-glazed glass applications where safety is not a priority. Examples of this would be upper-floor window glazing, clock faces, or picture frames.


Our company’s development work has resulted in several significant innovations like the bending methods applied to demanding spherical, conical, and parabolic glasses. 

Jumbo and Bespoke Glass Measurements

Thanks to our state-of-the-art glass bending machine, AJJ can redefine possibilities by offering an annealed curved glass of impressive dimensions, reaching up to 3600mm in arc length and 6000mm in height depending on the glass makeup, coatings, and bending geometry.

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annealed bent glass

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