Selecting the right glass for windows in your home is important. It’s not just about how your windows look – it’s also about how they perform in terms of solar control, security, sound reduction, thermal insulation and privacy.

Description of Windows

Enjoy stunning views without compromising on comfort or safety

Floor-to-ceiling windows and glazed roofs allow you to admire the view while enjoying a cozy and warm indoor experience. But what about heat loss and wasted energy?

That’s all in the past thanks to modern glass technology. Advanced double and triple glazing keeps valuable heat in while allowing the sun to shine through. Insulating glazing is being used by architects to create dramatic effects and stunning interior spaces, without the need for extra heating. Adding laminated assemblies to your windows also provides you with enhanced safety and security while protecting you from outside noise.

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Our glass solutions for windows

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Anti-reflective & Non-reflective glass

Anti-reflective glass

ProSight™ anti-reflective glass creates the impression that there’s no glass separating you and what you’re viewing.

Low iron tempered laminated glass

Laminated safety glass

Laminated glass is a Grade ‘A’ Safety product made by laminating two or more panels of glass with a flexible plastic interlayer or PVB (polyvinyl butyral).

From metallics and pearls to custom art, the design possibilities are endless.

Our brand of anti-refletive glass: ProSight™

Invisibility gets you noticed

Our brand of translucent laminated glass: PurColor™ Translucent

Privacy and total safety

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