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SlipGuard™ is a structural laminated glass designed for use in high-traffic areas whilst allowing high levels of natural light and design aesthetics to enhance your spaces. AJJ is a global supplier of high-quality anti-slip glass flooring and stairs.

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Exquisite stability

The SlipGuard™ line of high-impact flooring and stairs combines the unique aesthetic qualities of glass with internationally certified performance standards for slip resistance, safety, and durability. A wide range of textures are available in SlipGuard™ classic patterns.

A gorgeous frosted etched finish that meets internationally certified performance standards for slip resistance, safety, and durability.

acid-etched anti-slip glass floorings and stairs

Benefits of anti-slip glass

Why choose non-slip glass
SlipGuard™ anti-slip glass directs a modern and stylish space.

Non slippery

SlipGuard™ anti-slip glass undergoes frosted etching on one side to create a textured surface with raised, rough points. By combining the use of non-slip patterns, SlipGuard™ is both practical and aesthetically considerate. SlipGuard™ is ideal for creating feature staircases, walkways, and display areas,


By using a laminated glass structure, even if it cracks, fragments of the glass will not splash mostly and will not fall out.

Anti-slip glass technical specifications

Applications, Production Capacity & Considerations

  • 6 standard non-slip patterns available, can also be provided with no pattern for certain applications.
  • Fully customizable, engineering dependent.
  • SlipGuard™  anti-slip glass is a Grade A safety glass.


Residential and commercial glazings.

Foot traffic areas only.

  • Internal and External Walkways
  • Staircases
  • Foyers

  • Minimum Size: 300 x 300mm
  • Maximum Size: 3300 x 6000mm


  • High-concentrated loads from trolleys, sharp objects, or heavy furniture should be avoided.


  • SlipGuard™ can be supplied with a non-slip coating for commercial applications, or where specified in residential applications near stair landings and treads.


  • SlipGuard™ requires technical and engineering expertise to specify, please consult the AJJ Technical department for further advice.

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