Eastman XIR laminated glass

XIR heat-reflecting laminated glass enables designers to create solar control solutions incorporating curved glass and enhances the performance of point-fixed glazings

Overview of XIR laminated glass

The boundary of architect's creativities has ultimately extended.

The barriers of using large glass windows, skylights, and facades are gone. This includes both structural and non-structural types. It also includes point-fixed applications and bent and curved glass. We've removed these barriers without increasing cooling loads or reducing visual clarity. XIR® high-performance "Heat Rejecting" Film is in laminated glass. It creates a color-neutral, energy-efficient product with great solar control. XIR® rates at the top for solar control glass products. It has the key benefit of high light transmission of 72%. It also reduces solar heat gain (0.47 Shading Coefficient). It blocks infrared and ultraviolet, too (IR transmission 6%, UV transmission 0.03%). This is as good as, and often better than, the expensive solar control glass products. They have heavy tints or reflectiveness.

XIR® PET film can be laminated with annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered, or Low-E coated glass. It can also be combined with colored PVB interlayers and tinted glass.

XIR laminated glass

Benefits of XIR solar control laminated glass

Why choose XIR laminated glass
Let natural daylight in, while reflecting a high proportion of the sun's heat

Visually Clear and colorless

Improving daylight and transparency. With 72% light transmission on both interior and exterior surfaces. This is not possible when using a coated glass product.

Super Solar Control

Word’s Lowest Solar heat transmission Monolithic Glass(with clear glass) increased indoor comfort by 0.47 Shading Coefficient and 6% IR transmission.

High Ultraviolet Protection

Blocks 99.97% UV rays; reduces interior fading, lives in health environments.

Higher Sound Control

Reduces outdoor noise—up to 2 dB increased in comparison of regular laminated glass.

Energy Efficiency

Lower heating costs without sacrificing natural daylight.

Extra Safety

Encapsulating laminated provides better protection than regular laminated glass.

Multiple Manufacturing

Uniform appearance over both flat and curved surfaces – not possible with coated glass.


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