Anti-Burglary Glass

AJJ Glass offers two types of anti-burglary glass (force-entry-resistant glass). Provides protection against burglary, and physical attack.

What is Anti-Burglary Glass

Force-Entry-Resistant Glass

AJJ offers two levels of Anti-Burglary Glass:


  • Protects an unplanned offense carried out by one or more individuals who have limited time and resources
  • Protects against raids after breaking shop windows, such as break-ins at retail spaces or private residences 


  • Protects against prolonged attacks by one or more highly motivated individuals who have time and significant resources
  • Counters attacks with blunt weapons such as mallets, hammers, baseball bats, etc.
  • Meets the Standards HPW-TP-0500.03 and ASTM
Anti-burglary Glass

Why Choose AJJ Anti-Burglary Glass

The Power of Quality

Tested & Certified

As a trusted anti-burglary & security glass manufacturer, AJJ has consistently demonstrated that its products are produced to the highest level of laminated product performance and quality.

Endless Customizations

AJJ carries an expansive portfolio of anti-burglary glass components, including a myriad of glass types and thicknesses from the world’s premier glass manufacturers (AGC, Guardian Glass, and Saint Gobain), along with countless PVB, EVA, and Ionoplast (SentryGlas) interlayer options.

Design Assistance

Our trusted and experienced design team can help you identify the “right” anti-burglary glass to meet your project design needs. They will work alongside you to achieve the desired function and aesthetics.

Fast Glass

We understand that your business moves fast, and meeting deadlines is essential. We have multiple shifts working around the clock to meet your schedule and your project needs.

Anti-Burglary Glass Technical Specifications

Applications, Production Capacity & Considerations

  • Protects against burglary and physical attacks
  • Provides permanent passive protection that can slow an attacker’s ability to enter the building’s interior or the area to be protected
  • Here are some things to take into consideration when choosing Anti-Burglary glass:

– The type of building and the nature of the activity taking place there: retail business, detention center, psychiatric hospital, etc.
– Presence of security guards and rapid response capacity
– The number of attackers and their level of motivation
– The type of attack: perpetrated with or without blunt objects


  • Store windows showcasing valuable objects
  • Building windows exposed to vandalism
  • Checkpoints and public management areas
  • Residences that contain valuable goods
  • Etc.


  • Detention centers, police stations, and courthouses
  • Government and military buildings
  • Psychiatric hospitals
  • Financial institutions
  • Etc.

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