Bullet Resistant Glass

Offering bullet-resistant glass, ballistic glass, or bulletproof glass solutions. AJJ bullet-resistant glass will protect against projectiles fired by small arms and high-powered rifles.

What is Bullet-Resistant Glass

Bulletproof Glazing

Bullet-resistant glass, also known as ballistic glass, is a transparent material that can resist projectile penetration. It's not impenetrable, and no material can protect against all types of bullets. The level of protection depends on the material used, how it's manufactured, and its thickness.

  • Multi-layer laminate glass composed completely of sheets of glass
  • In case of an armed attack, the shock wave produced by the projectile could cause a small amount of spall to be projected on the protected side
  • Offers excellent resistance to temperature changes, ensuring stable performance under various climatic conditions
  • Meets the UL 752 Standard or NIJ STD 0108.01


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Why Choose AJJ Bullet-resistant Glass

The Power of Quality

Tested & Certified

As a trusted manufacturer of ballistic, bullet-resistant, & security glass, AJJ has consistently demonstrated that its products are produced to the highest level of laminated product performance and quality.

Endless Customizations

AJJ carries an expansive portfolio of bullet-resistant glass components, including a myriad of glass types and thicknesses from the world’s premier glass manufacturers (AGC, Guardian Glass, and Saint Gobain), along with countless PVB, EVA, and Ionoplast (SentryGlas) interlayer options.

Design Assistance

Our trusted and experienced design team can help you identify the “right” bullet-resistant glass to meet all of your project design needs. They will work alongside you to achieve the desired function and aesthetics.

Fast Glass

We understand that your business moves fast, and meeting deadlines is essential. We have multiple shifts working around the clock to meet your schedule and your project needs.

Key Features of Bullet-resistant Glass

Key Product Features


Bullet-resistant glass protects various threat levels and tends to remain intact after breakage.

Meets Code Requirements

Based on your specifications and desired level of security protection, AJJ can provide ballistic glass products that comply with code requirements to complete your projects.

Barrier to UV and Sound

Laminated glass products like those used in bulletproof glazing applications are known to block over 99% of harmful UV rays. They can serve as a sound barrier that can minimize acoustical transmission.


There are four main levels of resistance with security glass: forced-entry-resistant, bullet-resistant, blast-resistant, and hurricane-resistant. These products can all be used in various applications like windows, doors, railings, barriers, and floors.

Bullet-resistant Glass Technical Specifications

Applications, Production Capacity & Considerations

  • Establishes effective and safe protection between an armed attacker and the people threatened
  • AJJ offers a complete line of bulletproof glass that protects against different calibers of firearms
  • Here are some things to consider when choosing bulletproof glass:

– Type of building and the nature of the activity, e.g., bank, courthouse, armored car, etc.
– Presence of personnel and rapid response capacity
– The caliber of weapons against which to be defended from

  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Police stations and courthouses
  • Detention centres
  • Embassies and government buildings
  • Gas stations and 24-hour businesses
  • Shelters for victims of domestic violence
  • Glass kiosks
  • Etc.

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