Translucent laminated glass

Translucent white laminated safety glass, available in various translucency levels for privacy. PurColor™ translucent laminated glass will give you privacy and abundant natural light.

Overview of translucent laminated glass

White colored glass range designed for light diffusion providing a level of privacy screening

A range of white color interlayers in a laminated glass form offers different levels of privacy screening and diffusion of incoming light. Three white colors are available standard white translucent (Arctic Snow) and Cool White with medium to high light transmission respectively to a very low light transmittance, almost opaque but crisp, Polar White. Other non-white colors are also available on the application.

translucent white laminated glass

Translucent laminated glass technical specifications

Applications, Production Capacity & Considerations

  • An economical method of providing permanent privacy and decoration.
  • Light transmission of 68%.
  • When toughened, PurColor™ Translucent is a Grade A safety glass.

Residential and commercial glazing.

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Partitions
  • Balustrades
  • Facades
  • Overhead Glazing
  • Furniture
  • Fully Framed Shower Screens

  • Minimum Size: 300 x 300mm
  • Maximum Size: 3300 x 18000mm


  • Glazing systems must allow for water drainage or be completely watertight to prevent the exposure of laminated edges and the interlayer from long-term moisture.
  • Certain sealants may cause edge de-lamination such as linseed oil or putty, neutral cure silicone sealants are recommended.


  • The standard PVB interlayer is 0.38mm thick, 0.76mm, and 1.52mm thicknesses are available for increased resistance from physical attack and impact.
Our brand of translucent laminated glass: PurColor™ Translucent

Privacy and total safety

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