One-way Mirror

One-way mirror glass offers high-quality vision and effectively provides discreet, unobtrusive monitoring. One-way glass has the appearance of a mirror on the subject side while providing privacy for observers.

Overview of One-way mirrors

For discreet monitoring & reduced sound transmission

One-way mirrors are the kind of thing we commonly see in the movies. However, they serve a very real role in our society, for interrogation rooms, market research, and many more practical purposes.

One-way Laminated Mirror is ideal for surveillance, security, and where discreet observation is required. A successful application requires a brightly lit subject side and a darker observation side with the correct use of lighting and is best suited for internal windows.

One-way mirror interior viewing

Benefits of One-way glass

Why choose One-way glass
For discrete observation in privacy and security applications.

Discretion and Privacy

One-way mirror glass achieves privacy for observers as long as a light ratio of 1:7 is achieved, where the subject side is brightly illuminated and the observer side is dimly lit.


One-way glass can be tailored to suit a variety of applications and needs, for example adding a heavy interlayer to provide enhanced protection.

Safety & Security

One-way mirror glass stays in place even when broken, offering greater durability and protection.

One-way mirrors technical specifications

Applications, Production Capacity & Considerations

  • Ideal for surveillance, security, and administrative applications. 
  • Internal applications require discreet, unobtrusive monitoring. 

This is a one-way mirror that creates a visual barrier between subjects and their observers, where clear and discreet vision is required.

This product can be used for:

  • Security
  • Retail Stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Correctional institutions
  • Airports security
  • Workplace monitoring
  • Banks or cash offices
  • Medical facilities
  • Computer rooms
  • Child care facilities
  • Marketing focus group monitoring
  • Any area requiring observation

  • Minimum Size: 300 x 300mm
  • Maximum Size: 3660 x 2440mm

A light ratio of 1:7 is recommended, where the subject side is brightly illuminated and the observer side is dimly lit.

Bright lighting sources must be avoided in the observation area and spotlights directed away from the One-way mirror surface. We recommend using dark furnishing colors and that dark clothing be worn in the observation area.

The reflective surface must be installed on the subject side.


  • Install a One-way mirror with the reflective surface facing the brightly lit subject side.

Type of lighting

  • Subject-side lighting should be bright and evenly distributed over all walls and furnishings, but should not shine directly onto the one-way mirror. Observer-side lighting should be dim with light sources directed away from the glass.

Background Colors

  • The subject side should be decorated light in color and with shade to create a bright reflected image. Observer side decor should be subdued, non-reflective, dark, and uniform.

Distances and light levels

  • On the observer side, keep people, objects, and light sources at a distance of more than one foot from the one-way mirror area. An 8:1 light ratio is recommended, with the subject side brightly lit.


  • Use standard glass cleaners or mild detergents. Do not use abrasives, opaque liquid cleaners, razor blades or acid-based cleaners.

Pyrolytic Coating Advantage

  • Durable, pyrolytic coating
  • Easily handled, tempered cut, bent, laminated, insulated and heat-strengthened
  • No edge deletion required
  • Virtually unlimited shelf-life
  • Inventoried locally
  • Reduce lead times for new construction and replacements

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