Function of Glass

AJJ Glass offers a wide range of custom glass for decorative, structural, safety, noise control, solar control, security, and privacy applications.
frosted etched glass

Frosted etched glass

Decorative Glass

Frosted type finish designed for light diffusion providing a level of privacy screening.

XIR heat reflecting laminated glass

Eastman XIR laminated glass

Solar Control Glass

XIR heat-reflecting laminated glass enables designers to create solar control solutions incorporating curved glass and enhances the performance of point-fixed glazings.

laminated vaceva glass

Colored laminated glass

Decorative Glass

Glass across a full spectrum of vibrant colors, available in a range of translucency levels. 

tempered glass ESG

Toughened glass

Safety Glass

Toughened glass, or tempered glass, or safety glass is one such member of the glass family known to be robust and sturdy.

Patterned glass reed

Patterned glass

Decorative Glass

Patterned or textured glass is designed to offer a level of privacy, diffuse incoming light, and provide a design feature in the home or building interior.

solar control insulating glazing

Solar control insulating glass

Solar Control Glass

Solar control insulating glass, also known as solar control glass, is a type of glass with a special coating that reduces the amount of heat that enters a building. It reflects and absorbs heat, while also filtering light to reduce glare. Solar control glass is typically double-glazed, which means it also insulates well.

AJJ switchable privacy glass power off

Switchable glass

Privacy Glass

Make Ordinary Glass Extraordinary

Switchable glass switches from clear to frosted for instant privacy.

acoustic laminated glass

Acoustic laminated glass

Noise Control Glass

Special laminated glass which reduces noise more effectively than ordinary glass.

insulated acoustic laminated glass

Insulated acoustic laminated glass

Noise Control Glass

Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) offering enhanced noise control.

structural glass with Sentryglas interlayers

Sentry Glass

Structural Glass

Sentry Glass contains Sentryglas™ interlayers which are 5 X tougher and 100 X stiffer than traditional interlayers.

One-way mirror glass outside viewing

One-way Mirror

Privacy Glass

Create a striking exterior with an unobstructed view.

acid-etched anti-slip glass floorings

Anti-slip glass

Structural Glass

SlipGuard™ glass stairs and flooring create enduring beauty.

gradient glass bottom to up

Gradient glass

Privacy Glass

Gradient Glass is made using direct-to-glass printing techniques that create the gradient effect.

Low iron tempered laminated glass

Laminated safety glass

Safety Glass

Laminated glass is a Grade ‘A’ Safety product made by laminating two or more panels of glass with a flexible plastic interlayer or PVB (polyvinyl butyral).

From metallics and pearls to custom art, the design possibilities are endless.

Saflex DG41 structural laminated glass

Saflex DG laminated glass

Structural Glass

Designed for strength

laminated glass with Saflex® Structural PVB interlayer.

extra clear low iron glass

Low iron glass

Decorative Glass

Low iron glass is also named extra clear glass, or ultra-clear glass offering the highest possible levels of light transmission and visual clarity.

white translucent laminated glass

Translucent laminated glass

Decorative Glass

With a stylish frosted appearance, PurColor™ Translucent is durable, reliable, and designed to secure your privacy.

Oversized glass

Jumbo Glass

Specialty Glass


Oversized Monolithic, Laminated, and Insulating Glass Units.

Bird-friendly glass

Bird-friendly glass

Specialty Glass

The bird-friendly glass supplied by AJJ consists of a range of highly effective Bird Safe solutions, satisfying the varying construction specifications for bird-friendly architectural glass. Bird Safe's family of products includes ultraviolet reflective, acid-etched, and frit pattern glass.